Vendor Registration and Seller Fees

Calculate the seller fees or don’t the truth is that the fess on some portals are very high. You do not need a seller fees calculator to calculate the seller fees on we have kept it fairly simple to helping you to make the business simple

Some even to the point of being unprofitable . present the opportunity to sell on one of the best ecommerce platforms for a very nominal fee.

for the First 10000 vendor registrations there wlll be no Seller commission for whole year. This will help the early adopters save on margins which has become very tight these days.

however there is a transaction fee of 5 % for monthly orders amount below 25000 Rs and 4 % for monthly order amount above 25000 Rs  – Register and start selling

Below is the fee structure with category

monthly total order value less than 25000 Rs monthly total order value more than 25000
Category commission transaction fee total fees discount total fees
All Categories 0 5 5 1 4
  • There is additional discount of 1% for monthly order value above 25000 as shown in the table
  • This is only promotional scheme for first 10000 vendor registration
  • The fees are subject to revision with advance notice
  • The promotional fees is valid only for the first year of business
  • Gst and other government duties and taxes as per law application on the total fees

Dont wait till its too late Register and start selling