Adding and editing products

Adding and Managing Products

Login to your account and click the my-account button then click go to vendor dashboard and follow the steps below


There  are two methods of adding a product 

  1. Existing product already being sold on the website 
  2. New product or variation not being sold on the website

Here is a short video that explains how to add edit product


1.Existing product already being sold on the website

To sell a product which is already available on the site – kindly follow the below steps

search for the product on the site which you wish to sell


Adding and editing products


Click on the sell this item button


Adding and editing products


This will take you  to edit product page on your vendor dashboard



Adding and editing products



Change the details you wish to change

and then click save product 



Adding and editing products


that is it your product has been submitted for review and will be published once the product is approved this happens within – 3-6 hours



Now the next type of product


2.New product or variation not being sold on the website


Adding a new product

Before adding your first product, let’s get familiar with how product categories, tags, and attributes work.

Product Categories

Product categories and tags work in much the same way as normal categories and tags you have when writing posts in WordPress. They can be created, edited, and selected at any time. This can be done when you first create a product or come back and edit it or the category/tag specifically.

Product Types

With attributes and categories set up and stock management configured, we can begin adding products. When adding a product, the first thing to decide is what type of product it is.

  • Simple – covers the vast majority of any products you may sell. Simple products are shipped and have no options. For example, a book.
  • Grouped – a collection of related products that can be purchased individually and only consist of simple products. For example, a set of six drinking glasses.
  • Variable – a product with variations, each of which may have a different SKU, price, stock option, etc. For example, a t-shirt available in different colors and/or sizes.

Adding a simple product


Shipping Cost

Whenever you are putting the price of the product keep in mind the price has to include the shipping cost .

  1. Go to my-account>Vendor dashboard > Products > Add new Product  on the top left corner You then have a familiar interface and should immediately feel at home.

Enter a product Title and Description and price and select category .

upload the images – make sure the images are high quality images


Click create Product

we will do the rest

during the process of the approval



In case further assistance is needed mail us on .